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    Retirement cigar help

    Partagas Culebras, a CC that is at least memorable because of the unique braid of the cigars. They are also nice little smokes. He won't forget these!! They can be had in your price range. :tu
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    CigarBid Fun Fact?

    The great thing about that is your cigars are promptly delivered by black helicopters
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    My Cabinet Humi Project

    That is one of the nicest cab-humi's I have seen. Great job!!! I wish I had that ability. The lighting is a classy touch.
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    CigarBid Fun Fact?

    I thought it was located in the deepest darkest depths of Hell.
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    Smoked my first Padilla today ... not impressed

    I had a padilla achilles last weekend. I think it may be towards the bottom of their lines due to the fact my uncle bought them. I thought it was a pretty good smoke. It didn't blow my face off but I wouldn't turn one down.
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    Turning 30 in a couple weeks! What to smoke?

    Order a box of PSD4 right now!!!:tu
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    Thanks for the bump. Congrats on the upcoming twins, even though that will be two more Bama...

    Thanks for the bump. Congrats on the upcoming twins, even though that will be two more Bama fans. GO RAZORBACKS!!! BEAT.......somebody????
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    Closet/Humidor Transformation

    Good luck on this. I have dreamed of doing the same. I have been too worried of the problems with keeping humidity. Are you going to replace the interior type door with an exterior type door for a better seal? Keep us posted on the progress. I will learn through you my friend.:tu
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    Third times the charm/ How long will you deal with a stick you are not enjoying?

    I'm have only been smoking cigars regularly for about 3-4 months. Only off and on the past 12 years. I have never chunked a cigar without finishing, cause I'm cheap, untill this past weekend. My uncle gave me some Free Cuba torpedos. Thought I would give it a shot while mowing the lawn. Got...
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    Cigar Hangover

    You are a college student. Are you sure it isn't just a hangover. I have experinced many hangovers but never from cigars. I guess I have had a life of too much excess. It has been fun though:D The more you smoke the better, right??
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    Cozy's Blind Tasting

    Guys this was a great thread!!!! I would love to see more like this. :tu
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    Calibration way off?

    I am pretty new to cigars too so take this with a grain of salt. I have had analog hygrometers as much as 20% offwhen first purchased. I don't trust a hygrometer that is that far off. I did adjust it and put it in the coolador with about 6 other crappy analog hygro's that have been calibrated...
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    Using desktop humi for a coolidor?

    Exactly what I was going to say?????????????:confused:
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    Just bought coolador (slipery slope)

    That is what I did. When I first bought the cooler I was only buying lots of 5ers and singles. The BM I used gladly gave me a couple empty cedar boxes. Worked great untill I bought enough boxes to eleminate the need for them. Good luck on the slope and my condolences to your bank account.
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    UPS shipments from CBID - Damaged?

    I used to be a truck driver and from time to time we would carry overflow for ups. We would back up to a dock at a terminal and they would use a roller conveyer to start shoving packages. A guy in the trailer would grab the package and just chunk them to the back pilling them to the celing, no...