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  • I'll have to hit you up on that. I heard your humi is getting too full:D. Busy just begins to describe what I go through. I don't know how to be bored. Strange concept to me.
    The goat is so far down the 'to do' list it's not likely going to fly in the near future. Putting attn. into the house while weather permits. Added an addition and framed a section of the kitchen, next on list is the roofing the loft and kitchen area, intend finishing interior during winter. Hope I don't get stupid and try and roof the entire house. Don't need to tell you of the mess remodeling can make. Like your new logo, shark smoking a stogie, how cool. Likely make a trip to the pit next couple of days, need to pick up another window at Lowes, intend visiting West Coast, it's been sometime since last visit. Understand you have been busy, still have an optimator in frig and stogies in the humi if ever get the time.:ss
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