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  • Well the good thing is you only have to face Josh Beckett. He's known for collapsing in big games.......:r....seriously though he hasn't had a good year and he's coming off an injury but the post-season seems to do strange things to baseball players (both good and bad). Go Sox!
    Logged off after I sent my message Gary....watched the Rays win....and then there was a game after that...y'know what I can't bring myself to bust your stones....I would probably have jumped off a tall building last night if I was you....the world record in saves and he gives up a homer to a guy who has had less than 10 at bats since August and is playing with a bulging disk in his back after undergoing an epidural to kill the pain....sounds like a good plot for a movie.
    You sure do - if the A's lose this it's over - should be interesting Daisuke is 18-3 but I don't know how he does it. He throws way too many pitches, puts way too many people on base, he seems to thrive on pitching out of jams. The Sox have been playing their best baseball of the year since they got rid of Manny so it should be fun.
    What happened to your boys? I guess the Beaver's were to slick for em. Must have gotten a hot shave earlier today.
    A bust man? Well yeah I guess......
    Hey! A's playing the Sox in the playoffs first round? I have no idea what the matchups will be. Should be interesting.
    Great Gary! Busy between work and school and wedding planning and my lady....yikes!!! It's a good kind of busy though. How about you?
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