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    I'm in BIG TROUBLE!!!

    I made a ton of bids on the devil site this weekend trying to make a dent in filling the cooler, I smoke faster than I buy. For the first time I can't lose an auction. The problem is I lost my job today. I really needed to lose these auctions. What luck!! I guess I will have a couple extra...
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    Have you heard of this cigar?

    When I was in college, around '98. I would smoke a cigar from time to time. The cigar I smoked I remember being an Oscar. It had a label very similar to Davidoff, white and gold. This cigar was recomended by the owner of the B&M and I paid $10 each for them. I have found nothing about this...
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    Temporary Humidity

    I just got my cooler out after buying about 40 cigars online. I haven't gotten any humidification or a hygrometer installed yet. What can I do to temporarily humidify the cooler. Should I just not worry about it until I can get to a b&m late next week?
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    I hate to do this. A stupid newb question

    I was gifted my first non-bargain basement cigar and I can't figure out what it was. I do know it was an A. Fuente Grand Reserva ???? It was an AWESOME smoke and I thought I could just get online and buy some "but" (here is the stupid newb part) there are many different ones. Are they just...
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    New sticky warning request

    There should be a warning about cbid aka devil site stickied here for us newbs. I bid on almost everything still at a reasonable price. It's downhill from here. I bid on several boxes of Indian tabac Nonperelli and super fuerte. As well as some 5 Vegas series A, classics, and golds. Hope those...
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    Little Rock - The Pipe & Tobacco Shop

    Pretty good bunch of guys here. Stop in and check it out. Broadmore Shopping Center 2908 S. University Ave.