200 bottle wine cooler to humi help


Young Ape
I tried to make a 200 bottle wine cooler to a humidor i lined the walls with spanish cedar its 77 degrees in the room now its 73/72% in the unit. I took everything out and left the door open for 24 hrs so far and its 73/72% .
what is the difference between a wine refrigerator and a wine cooler and can a wine refrigerator work for in the summer months
i don't know if this is a waste because when i turn the cool on it gets to much moisture on the back walls and soaks the Spanish cedar also this one also has heat for some reason when the temp in the room goes down it will maintain 70/68% with no beads or any humidification but it still is no good to me in the summer months .
the only info on the back is Wine cellars type V250 PPX made in france
I have searched for days and cant find anything on the unit .

any help is appreciated