*Bagram Tiki Bar*


Salutes to you as well Papichulo! No picture of the shack but figured I'd just post up some random ones:D


All the crew chiefs


Sweet bike I found


it goes fast


Of course the cool bike pic :chk


Figured its time for an update. I was out of the bar for about 5 days due too getting my wisdom teeth pulled out. Still flew and worked but of course no smokes. Last night we all smoked a few and watched the football games but I didn't get any pics. The good news is our chaplain has built a nice 2 story coffee house on the other side of the flight line. He lives with us but is always down there because of the troops. I'm always giving him a good cigar because he deserves one. He talks to every soldier no matter what problem they have. If we have a mission that we will bring back hero's he goes along. So of course everyone banded together to build his coffee house. They opened it up about a week ago and asked if I'd supply the smokes. I was on duty but I sent my LT down with about 150 cigars. Everyone has been coming up to me telling me how great they were and I should have sent more. So talking with the chaplain today and receiving a box full of beads from Fred gave me a good idea. Cooledors for the coffee house. I acquired 2 coolers and set them up for use. He said he would make sure they wouldn't all get smoked the first night. I told I know a few people that will make sure every soldier gets a cigar. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get down there and take some more pics. Also he asked if we could get a clubstogie poster to put up so everyone knows where the cigars come from:D