Big List of Cigars - Good Newb Starter


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i must be a super n00b, 3 of those top 40 have made me sick...I need something super mild i guess. Torano Silver Exodus 1959 gave me one hell of a headache, then i tossed my cookies with a Pardon last week. not good...


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A great list to get started and point people in the right direction. I've smoked a few different cigars previous to joining (a few of which are on the list) but here are a few that I thought should FOR SURE be on it:

1. Romeo y Julieta - 1875 Medallas de Oro Reserva Real
2. Romeo y Julieta - Medallas de Oro Vintage
3. Oliva - Serie V
4. A. Fuente - Gran Reserva

All are pretty easy and enjoyable smokes IMO. Help for other noobs that I have gone by (many may already know this info but just to state it in another helpful area) is just looking at the cigar color and sometimes smell.

Definitely recommend the A. Fuente - Gran Reserva to any noob. I had not had one until last night and it was a joy. Smooth taste, aroma, and finish. One of only a couple cigars I could stand to actually smell the smoke coming off the cigar while still on my lips.
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Adam, Wow, what a great list to select from. Definately please keep this thread alive! It's mucho useful for noobies like me!



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Great info and list. For under $6 I would include the Oliva G maduro torpedo or even the Padron 3000 maduro


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Thanks for list! I came across this forum as I was looking for some more information to get started. Used the list to pick out some first smokes


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Thanks! Like alot of people posting here I've been searching around for a list that I can start building my humidor with (assuming I don't smoke them faster then I can buy them, lol). Awesome list!


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This is the best! I just printed the list off and taped it on my wall to refer to. The sub $6 part is the best. as is the ones with the prics marked right beside it. genius.