We found this place in our quest for cigar knowledge. Pretty cool. Information and knowledge we could never hope to gain by ourselves. This sharing creates the bonds of brotherhood. (Sisterhood as well) Cigars are our common bond but much more than cigars take place here.. We are all very different people with very different lives. Respecting each others uniqueness while sharing ourselves beyond cigars here is the true test of Brotherhood.

Brotherhood means feeling bad occasionally when we “go to far”. Those with the right spirit make amen’s in their own way and we move on. Brotherhood means not always saying what you would like to say due to a concern for others. Brotherhood is giving of ourselves without expectation of gain but because it benefits others or the community.

Club Stogie is one of, if not, the most active cigar board on the internet. Amazing amounts of interaction take place here in a relatively friction free environment. Speaking as one of the zookeepers, it’s a pleasure being amongst such a civil group of gorillas (adults). When things come up they get dealt with mostly by the community. When a Mod has to do something it’s normally associated with a new person not understanding our lil pleasant place or a commercial troller.

However, conflict is inevitable. People have strong views on many things. The pot boils and we all say things we wish we hadn’t. When it happens, step back take a deep breath and maybe smoke a good one. Things pass. Change is inevitable. This forum has changed much in the short time since I joined. Some may long for the past. Some have left, many have joined. It is what it is. Which in my opinion is…..

A special place, thanks to everyone who makes it so.


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Excellent summary of CS and the members.

For the number of people here we have relatively few "occurances".


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Posting in a Da Klugs Legendary Thread.

Well said brother.

Edit: I have a suggestion, maybe should put in the forum for suggestions, but to squash the over abuse by trolls and overall a$$hat$, why not have a period (such as a week or two) where they are required to lurk after signing up, this would include no use of thread privelages or replies but allows them to learn the ropes...many come on here and see it doesn't take time to sign up and your automatically would also stop the spammers.


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Thanks for the post. I completely agree, this place is wonderful. It really is amazing to me how well everyone here gets along, unlike so many other forums that I frequent. ;)


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Thank you dave,

I dont care what has happened in the past around here, but to lose two guys like IHT and sean to a thing like this would be disheartining to say the least.

This is a brotherhood, lets all take daves advice and live that way while we converse with others here on CS. Nothing that happens here is worth losing friends over. I hope all will take this to heart


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Nice thread Klugs!
It must be something in the air. At my firehouse the last couple weeks it seems we are all at each others throats.
Summing this place up as a brotherhood is a good description. A few seem to be on edge but I'm sure in the next couple weeks all will be fine as if nothing ever occured which makes that description fit even more so. It's inevitable when you have so many different personalities in one space that you have clashes. I'm sure it will just be a matter of time until everyones back to being a bunch of happy gorillas swinging from tree to tree in harmony.:w :D
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