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More of a company review than a product, so I hope this is the appropriate forum. I just posted an intro on the newbies forum, and wanted to say a few (actually many) words about [no affiliation, just a customer, yada yada].
I've had an old junker for a while and knew I needed a "real" humi. I found a nice one, at a good price on, but you know how sometimes you just can't pull the trigger? Anyway, last Tuesday I received an email that they had 15% off. That sealed the deal. I placed my online order, added a couple of accessories, checked it, and hit [checkout]. D'oh! Like an idjit, I'd forgotten to enter the 15% promo code :hn. I figured it was a waste to try to get it, since my order was already into the black hole of internet commerce, on a conveyor belt somewhere, never to be touched by humans again. WTH, it was worth a shot, so I emailed the sales office explaining totally my fault, etc. A day later I received a reply: "We'll take care of it." Boy did they! Follow up emails with shipping tracking info, a thank you from Dave, follow up "anything we can help with?" emails, etc. My order arrived on time, *very* well packaged, complete, AND included the discount! Can't ask for better service. I guess knows where I'll be shopping from now on.


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I have nothing put positive things to say about Recently bought an "imperfect" Milano humidor from them. I found one very small scratch...on the inside. The humidor works perfectly. Also, bought a 5 count Otterbox and a digital hygrometer. Shipping was very, very fast and everything was in perfect shape.


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I am a huge fan of I love my 150 count humidor that I got from them.

I highly recommend them to everybody.


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As a cigar newbie, I appreciate news like this :) Thanks. I will do business with these folks eventually, no doubt.


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In another thread I wrote how I ordered many times from them they are great. I ordered beads and trays once when the package arrived there was a small hole in the box and the bag of beads was punctured and there were only a couple of beads rolling around inside the box, I E-mailed them to ask what action I should take and the reply was "don't do anything new beads are in the mail" I recieved them 2 days later, AWESOME.. I have 5 humidors from them excellent site. 2 thumbs up :tu:tu

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And yet no word from the countless dozens of people they screwed. Hmmm. Seems Odd. I am still waiting some 5 years+ later for my tobacco leaf motif humidor to come in, no, actually, I am still waiting for them to acknowledge that they never shipped it. Actually, I am waiting for them to acknowlege my email telling them that I only got two out of three humidors I ordered. But after 5 years or more, I am no longer holding my breath.


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Yep, I got two humi's from them too. One is mine and the second I bought for a friend. Smooth transaction, great communication, and very satisfied.