It's time to replace the double edge cutters, never needed to buy any over the yrs. retailers would include them with a purchase. Tried the cutter shown below for the first time at local B&M and I was impressed. Both are Xikar in the $40-$50 range, seem expensive but if they hold an edge may be worth it. Thought I would check before pulling the trigger to see if any members have tried them and has an opinion. Any suggestions, rec's, and or source would be appreciated. Thank you!. :ss


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these are really popular, i am sure a ton of people will chime in shortly --
just for giggles, tryout the search engine, too lazy to check myself, but i am sure there has to be at least one or two big threads about it!
Good luck with your cutter search.


Although I haven't used the Xikar, I have held one and wasn't impressed. My Palio on the other hand, now thats a cutter.


I love xikar cutter's great cut and a lifetime warranty which both retailers and xikar themselves honor. I'm on my second right now I gave my old one away when I wanted a nicer looking one.


Not sure why I have a problem using the CS search engine, could not find any threads on topic.

Appreciate the information, appears majority find the Palio the cutter of choice, even for those who have both. Searched the various online sources and did not find much of a difference in price. See there was a group buy several months past, being an impulse buyer intend pulling the trigger in the next day or so. Currently waiting for shipment to arrive from retailer I used for the first time, if I find they sell quality merchandise then likely purchase from them. Again, thank yu for the prompt response. :tu


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There is only one word for cutter in my book: Palio.

You won't be sorry, I thought it was mostly hype, then I bought one. Its not. These guys are right on. Hope that helps.


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It all comes down to personal preference to cutters. I personally use a Palio, but Mark (vstrommark) uses a Xikar because it works/fits better in his hands. Does that make one any better than the other? Nope, just goes to show that different mechanics work better for some people than other.

My recommendation? Play with both and see which you like better for cutting action. Both offer great warranties on their products so you really can't go wrong.


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Hmmmm, maybe i should go out and drop some MORE money on this stuff. All i got is a cheapy little plastic cutter, it is a double guillotine.