i have 2 Palio cutters. I keep one by my humidor, but I keep the other one in my wife's car. That may sound strange, but usually I will take my "main" Palio with me if I know i might be smoking a cigar, but it's when i'm in my wife's car and someone offers me a cigar that i'm left with using their shitty cutter. So now, I have a Palio on hand even in unprepared circumstances.

You would be surprised how often it has been used.

SR Mike

Damn It!!!
I will be honest, I have used both Palio and Xikar and I do not find them to be all that spectacular. I find the edge on the Palio blades to be at too steep of an angle; the Xikar, well I am not graceful enough to get a straight cut out of them. I have been using a cutter like the one below for quite some time now and it works great for me, only downfall is the occasional pinch to the hand, but I do have my eyes on another one that is similar but solves the problem. My advice, is to try them out before buying. Just my :2...



Maturing Primate
I just got a palio on a blind trade from Groggs, I have several other cutters including a Xikar and I will without a doubt say that the Xikar will sit in my drawer as sentimental value ( it was gifted to me while in Iraq) and I will use the Palio until lost, stolen, or broken. Then, I'll buy another.


Maturing Primate
I thought you were busy. :ss

Oh ya, I also have both and prefer the oi1ad even though this information is coming to you 5 months late. :hn

Wow I was typing my reply and noticed how old this thread is also. Oh well in case he hasn't purchased one or for anyone else wondering what to buy, I also have both and I am consistently using my Palio over my Xikar 3. I always get a cleaner cut with the Palio.