Drew Estate Java


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Just in case I haven't asked this already - I'm looking for the following flavors in a cigar - if anyone has any suggestions I'd be glad to try them out.


(I also prefer smaller size cigars - 4-5inch, 30-40 ring guage - Torpedo is favorite at the moment)

Obviously all of these don't have to be in one cigar - suggestions appreciated!

Look into the drew estates natural line. The Irish hops, juicy lucy, dirt, are all good


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I had one of these the other day - the waife (java) one that is really thin -
Anyone else have an opinion on Drew Estate? Or am I just weird?

I had one as well.. It obviously wasn't good enough for me to remember it or add the band to my "keeper" pile. I do remember the Wrapper on this one being especially flaky. I have more of them, they were given to me a gift so I will be giving it another try at some point.


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If you are still looking for a unique coffee infused cigar that is really good try the Tabak Especial by Drew Estate. I have smoked several Java's and they were all good but the Tabak Especial is in my opinion better. It has a sweet, mocha, chocolate and smooth mild tobacco flavor.


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I tried quite a few when I first started smoking. The only infused Drew Estate I care for now is the Java.