Fayetteville-Common Grounds (Dickson St)


This is a great location to relax, have some "gourmet espresso" or get some great desert. They also operate a full bar and have a pretty decent menu. The back patio is pretty nice and smoker friendly.

They also stock a small humi with a few different sticks at a marginal markup. Tonight some notables were Padron 3000, CAO Brazilla, AF Hemmingway, and a few other good looking smokes in case everyone doesn't bring their own. Pretty low key atmosphere and very cigar friendly.

Also, there's no age requirement to get in for us younger gorillas, although the general atmosphere is mid 20s+.


Locally Owned & Operated

The Common Grounds Gourmet Espresso Bar is located on beautiful, historic Dickson Street in Fayetteville Arkansas. We're just down the hill from the University of Arkansas.

412 West Dickson Street • Fayetteville, AR 72701
Phone (479) 442-3515 • Fax (479) 442-3588

~ Hours of Operation ~

Monday – Friday: 7AM to 2AM

Saturday & Sunday: 9AM to 2AM

~ Breakfast Hours ~

Monday – Friday: 7AM to 11AM

Saturday & Sunday: 9AM to 1PM

~ Lunch & Dinner Hours ~

Monday – Friday: 11AM to 1AM

Saturday & Sunday: 1PM to 1AM