Little Rock - The Pipe & Tobacco Shop


Conservative Stud
Pretty good bunch of guys here. Stop in and check it out.

Broadmore Shopping Center

2908 S. University Ave.


I'll second that all those guys are great,everytime i go in there they are more than helpful!!
Dont forget about Herf in the Rock coming up the 26th of April!!!


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Nice shop but still cant get over the idea of you cant smoke in a cigar shop. They have some chairs outside but cant smoke inside.This is not their fault it is the law. I visited while on business in LR. The shop has a nice selection but the staff was not that knowledgeable and I am not a big fan of people hanging on me in a humidor while I browse. They also have another section with some premium stuff like Opus and such. Ask them to show you their Opus and other premium sticks. Overall a nice shop and worth a visit.


Chestbeating Pack Leader
Thats changed, your allowed to smoke in the store again. The place is no longer under siege!

Sounds great.... The "bikini shop" owner must have left. I understand she complained so they had to stop. Good for them I am glad they are back to normal. :tu


I'm in Little Rock this weekend and made a stop in this store yesterday. The selection was nice and the staff seemed friendly but I couldn't buy anything. The humidor is WAY too humid. Most of the cigars in cello are foggy and a few even have the beginning stages of mold. I was afraid if I bought anything it would have to be dusted off and dried for a week or more.

Too bad because as I said the selection was solid. Just would be nearly impossible to enjoy a stick right from their humidor.


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was just in the store the other day. bought a small humi, and a few single sticks. thier walkin had a gauge in it that read it was at 57% RH. guess theyre trying to dry it out a bit. ive also seen a few "fogged" cellos in there too. the girl i dealt with (pretty brunette with gorgeous blue eyes) seemed to know her stuff and gave me some good pointers.


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I am glad that you can smoke there again. It has beena few months since I was there, but I am looking forward to the getting back there in a few days.