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Mark (n2adventure) @ Cigarmony is the man. I ordered something for my Father earlier today and had it shipped to his house. A few hours later I realized I hadn't asked for any kind of note to be in the box. I left a message for Mark and here's his reply:

Hi Albert,

Sorry I missed your call. Your order was already dropped off at the P.O. but I had included a note assuming that it was Father's Day Gift (I just guessed based on the no invoice and the same name).

I hope this helps and thanks again for the support, I greatly appreciate it.


Mark Neff
CEO / President
Cigarmony LLC
Luxury Cigar Accessories & Apparel

That is true customer service right there:tu:tu:tu


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Yeah on a scale of 1-10 there is nice, great, and rocks. Then somewhere about 80 miles past Rocks there is Mark Neff!


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heh...wouldn't it be nice if Mark knew things like our anniversaries...loved one's birthdays...etc etc..... Wait....maybe he does!!!


I just received my first order from Cigarmony based on great advice from the boys over at Dog Watch Radio and am very pleased. Great email communication and very good packaging.

I have one forgotten humidor being re-seasoned with a puck as I type and the digital hygrometers will come in very handy with my closet/humidor transformation.

Thanks Mark!


Mark is great! My Palio broke, I handed it to him at a herf and he dropped a replacement in the mail the next day...

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If you really want to develope a "man crush" on Mark search for the dogwatch podcast he did.

Not only is Mark an outstanding retailer with exceptional customer serivce he is a great and knowledgable cigar smoker/collector with a envyable collection. A retailer that is so "invested" in the hobby is rare.

Wanted to post the link but I am tech challenged. Episode 164 #
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Right on! I am just finishing their 100th podcast as I type so if his episode follows that one I will have it to look forward to! :tu