My Palio & Blazer PB-207 review :)


Maturing Primate
OK, so today I went through 3 more cigars so I figured it's time I can actually write a review. First the Palio:

I bought the Carbon Fiber finished model cause the Burl Wood is kinda harder to find in stock and as it turns out I think this model fits me better. Anyhow, the Palio cuts like a dream!!! It cuts sooo smooth and flat. After using my cheapo gullotine and cheapo dual blade cutter it's such a difference to actually be excited over something so silly as a cutter :) But I really find the Palio to be such an improvement to actually just do it's job so transparently while looking so sexy at the same time :D

As for the Blazer... before my Blazer I was using a dual jet Nibo which was working well but acting up here and there (ie. not lighting on every click). Anyhow, not only does the PB-207 light on every click but it seems to light my cigars quicker!! I don't know how to explain this as I thought all butant lighters burn at the same temperature. But for some reason my PB-207 seems to light my smokes much quicker. I got the Blazer primarily because I felt a single jet would light better than a dual jet which seems to singe the wrapper a bit. Anyhow, I can't explain it but man... the PB-207 is a dream of a lighter! It also has a huuuuge fuel tank.

So, all in all I am extremely happy with both purchases! :tu



Young Ape
hi there rev the palios are a great cutter i have burwood one and i love it i just cut a taboo hsg with it what a clean palios one of are the best cutters out there


Young Chimp
i just invested in a palio
i love it so far
next im gong to try a xikar
but yea
as far as a lighter goes
try the Ronson jet lighter
only like $3-4
and its nice looking and works like a charm


Young Ape
mike i have a xikar to keep your money and spend it on smokes the palio cut the best i wish i got the palio be for i spent the money on the xikar hands down the palio is the best of the two


Young Ape
I agree, I have 2 XKar's and I just got a carbon fibre Palio, and it's a sweet cutter....

As for lighters, I have a few Collibri's (7) and I love everyone of them because they make great lighters. The only thing is that they need to be cleaned every once in a while, but if you use quality butane, they work really well. Most of them a dual flame and I have a triple flame that I use for my big sticks.