Ronson JetLite Torch Lighter


Maturing Primate
First off, this short review is dedicated to CS member bobarian for providing the lighter. I couldn't find any at local Wal-Marts. He was kind enough to send me one.

I was really surprised by this lighter. It's a very simple and basic lighter that gets the job done time after time. It lights up on first click. The top opens/closes very solid and crisp. It has all the standard features: adjustable flame, re-fill/purge port, etc.

It beats the hell out of my Nibo and other cheap lighters costing 2-4x as much.




As you can see, this lighter is built like a TANK.



So far, I'm very happy with this lighter. For $3-5, this is possibly the best lighter/deal out there. I plan on picking up a few more if I can find them. If any of you guys don't have one, go out and get one. Hell, for the price get a couple. :tu


I found them at a nearby Walmart. For not too much more than the price of a Bic, they are a great deal. Time will tell how well they hold up, but my first impression is good.


Young Ape
Thanks for the heads up all, didn't know that Walmart carried these...checked them out today and there were plenty there. Picked a couple up since my Colibri lighter is finicky at best


Young Chimp
I ran across the display in my local wally world awhile ago and for $3 decided it was worth a shot. Been using it for awhile now and I've had no problems. It's good that it's cheap and effective, but also available 24-7 even in a small town like mine. :2


International SOB
It is the best $2.94 I ever spend on a lighter, I loose them all the time and give them away and they are simply great:tu


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Looks like its time for me to get a few more.. I lost one, and my other one finally decided to stop staying lit... Oh well, I've only had them for 2 years! Most reliable lighters I've ever had, and the price makes them THAT much better! :ss


Maturing Primate
I am curious about this lighter now that I've read this post. I have a colibri which has been pissing me off as of late and not lighting up properly so I am in the market for a replacement. Thanks


Maturing Primate
i had to get mine online, because the really crappy walmart by me didn't have any of these. they just had really crappy cheapo zippo rip-offs. and the employees were all confused when i asked them if they had torch lighters and i even added "the ones you would use for cigars and such" but they were still confused and i think they were thinking that i wanted a "big blow torch":hn


Icehog '08 YES WE CAN!!!
I've had a few for 2 or so years now and they have worked excellent so far... I use Vector fuel as a precaution. :ss
:tpd: Going on over 2 years for mine and it still lights on the first click every time. I use plain old cheap Ronson fuel in mine.


Come get some!!!
Canadian Tire (in Canada) sells the Ronson Jetlite for $12.99. They also sell this one, which is what I have, for $9.99. I have found that it works pretty good.


Young Chimp
I've had one for about three years now. Paid seven bucks for it.

It has NEVER failed me. The lid's getting a little loose, but I can live with that. And it burns anything I put inside it.



These are great torch lighters. Of course they're only a single jet, but for $2.94 you can't beat them.

Perfect for smaller ring gague cigars and touch-ups. I own 5 or 6 of them and love 'em. :tu


Young Ape
I just purchased the remaining two from my local Rite Aid. Do these come with butane already or do I need to buy it seperately? I'm already home so if it comes with none, I can go tomorrow, but if it's supposed to, I know to return it than.