Shilala Chest of Drawers for Vino


Fill it up AGAIN!!!
I was graciously bombed with a set of Scotts Drawers and wanted to share how BAD-ASS they are.

First of all this is what my vino looked like before the drawers

The usual stacked boxes look. The boxes work great but for me I never liked digging through and taking out some of the boxes to get a stick I wanted. That is where Scotts drawers come into play.

I got all of the cigars from the boxes to fit inside with room to spare. I kept a few boxes on top cause that is how I roll. Here is a look at the inside
Drawer #1

Drawers #2

Drawer #3

Drawer #4

Everything is so easily accessable now.

These drawers fit right in the vino like they were built in from the factory. The craftmanship is top notch. I am not gonna get into all the build specs but if you are interested click here.

Scott designed these drawers to allow for maximum air flow to keep the humidity perfect. Well he did a great job. I use Scotts beads as well and the humidity inside the drawers as well as on top and below the drawers has been rock solid at 65% since I put them in.

I cannot be happier with this product and would highly recommend these drawers to anyone with a vino.


It sure looks Bad ass my friend!!!
Great review Gary!

Scott you the man brother !
Keep up the fantastic work!


Thanks for sharing Scotts work product with us Gary. Those drawers in your VinoTemp look really sharp:tu:ss

ps. I want drawer #4:D


Elder Jungle Leader
Wow Gary, what an improvement. Thanks for the pics, I've been excited to see what she'd look like when you were done playing cigars. :tu
I still have three of these, but they aren't quite done yet. I think I'll hang on to one to use as a template till I get all my measurements and drawings done. I may try to finish them this week, all except the stain.
It'd be nice to get them done and down the road.
They really are pretty. I couldn't be more pleased with how they've turned out. :tu


Elder Jungle Leader
The body of the chest is made of Oak laminate. The drawer sides are poplar. The drawer bottoms are birch laminate. The drawer fronts, structural framework and trim are oak.

that's awesome, what kind of wood was used for the drawers?


Fill it up AGAIN!!!

Today I received my part of a NST I am doing. Usually when I get new sticks it is quite the proces for my anal retentive self to put them away. Before the drawers I had to pull out a bunch of different boxes to stash the sticks in to make sure I could find them when I needed to. Well today I just pulled open a few drawers and BAM I was done. I just stoop there smiling for a minute (or 20) and wanted to share my joy with my BOTL.:D

Thanks again Scott. These drawers are great.