Taboo scammed me... WTF


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This thread... is proof that Taboo is a scam and Rob made cigars that are not REAL cigars. I am definitely not happy to the point where i am willing to share this proof with everyone on this forum. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: Take a look for yourselves as the pictures do all the explaining for me.


Everything appears to be normal....


Then i noticed... its not ashing. No.. i've smoked cigars that ash halfway through we'll give it some more time.


Ok somethings getting kinda fishy...


I'm starting to feel like i've been had for a cigar that refuses to ash.


Rob... you better start prayin that this so called "cigar" (which if im correct... cigars do ash at some point or another) ashes soon or you will be getting a PM from me.


Apparently Mr. Rob that owns a "Cigar" shop likes to sell me "Cigars" that don't ash... No my Stinky was not glued to the top of a table and no the table wasn't flipped on its side... yes this cigar is actually HOLDING it's ash and the ash is NOT just sitting on the cigar.

Gotcha ya all for looking! Rob... i don't even know what to say brother besides INSANE!!!! Thanks for an awesome smoke sir!

EDIT: In NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM, should my words in this post be taking seriously (except the glue and table part). Taboo did NOT sell me a fake cigar and was indeed a real cigar, and a very good one at that!
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Had me fooled for 99% of the post. I thought you were pissed. Trouble is, I'm not laughing......


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That's an insane ash!! Especially holding it horizontally. Every time I try something like that, it ends up in my lap. :r


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just to note. NOTHING was shoved into the cigar or wrapped around it to make it hold the ash. Just an insane cigar from Taboo is all.

Honestly, I have never tried that with our HSG. I usually don't smoke very many because they are too mild for me. We did upgrade (a few months ago) the tobacco we were using to include a wrapper from Oliva. I have done this with the new LR Figs and Torps, but had no idea this could be done with the HSG.:confused:
I know what I will be doing in the morning:cb
Thanks for the great pics. Very cool.



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Jeez!! That is freaking awesome! Hell, you don't need a Stinky when smoking them. That is unreal!


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That is just un ******* believable! Hope you enjoyed it. Rob, how do you do it man, how do you do it?


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Ooh you almost got me there.:tu

almost had me too.

Another testament to how good Taboo cigars are: i just had my first twist and tasted my first notes of mocha in a cigar.

disclaimer: I'm a newb that has only been smoking cigars since July.

Oh, what a treat my twist was. Can't wait to smoke another.

Also, I ordered the my twist sampler on Friday and received them today. Great customer service. Taboo has a customer for life over here :tu:ss :tu