Taboo scammed me... WTF


Young Ape
Were you puffing on it with your head sideways on the table and no hands? That is unfreakingbelievable!



Young Ape
That's one nice ash you have there.
You had me going for a while. I was looking at the first two pics for a problem.


I can't believe you knuckleheads are here hyping Taboo again.

Just insane, all I hear is hype hype hype.

(or just a testimonial)


Icehog '08 YES WE CAN!!!
Nice ash. :tu
Did this once with an El Rico Habano. I don't think I could have tapped the ash off of that thing. :D

I hate to even post today, but here is my ash!:tu


HSG Torp. My ash fell off after about another inch. I don't see how you did this? I think I move/walk around too much. Anyways, great ash CigarMonkel!
Sorry if you think this post is hype. I consider myself no better than anyone here and a fellow cigar lover and enjoy chatting with most of the CS Members. I also enjoy reading the posts that have nothing to do with Taboo. There are some folks on here with a great sense of humor and I enjoy reading their post. Good people.:2:D

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damn thats an awesome ash.....I always have to hold my cigars vertically when I'm trying to pull off something like that, but the ash tends to always fall in my lap a moment before I grab the camera.......nice job!

squeeze left

aging orangutan
Not to disparage Cigarmonkel's impressive feat (to say nothing of Taboo), but anybody can do this, it's not hard at all!

"Clarence Darrow, of Scopes monkey trial fame, has a reputation as the best trial lawyer in U.S. history, an icon to many in the profession. There are many, many stories, but one of the favorites relates to a trial tactic.

Watching His Ash

Seems the inventive Mr. Darrow would push a wire through the middle of his cigar prior to trial, then light up as the opposing counsel made closing remarks. After a while, all of the jurors would be watching the huge ash "precariously" hanging off the end of his cigar, wondering when it would fall, rather than listening to the opposing counsel's arguments."