Tatuaje recommendations


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I remember trying a Tat a couple of years ago. I did not particularly enjoyed it back then but, as you know, when it comes to cigars taste is one of those things that evolves with time. Right now I am a DPG fanatic so I want to try a Tatuaje closely resembling that profile or one that had DPG hands on it. What do you recommend?



Young Ape
I second the brown label recommendation, aka tatuaje miami, although I prefer the Regios size (it's a robusto). Excellent smoke.


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Sorry to thread jack but I don't feel like starting my own thread for a quick question.

Of the Tatuaje cigars, which would you guys consider to have the least amount of spice?


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I like em skinny. Tat Red Angeles. Tat Brown Noella and Especiales. Tat petites are also a tasty short smoke. :2


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ALL Tatuaje cigars have been DPG blended, so you shouldn't go wrong.

White labels are definitely the mildest (next to the Cabaiguan, which is technically a Tat brand), but are mixed filler.

If money was no object, I'd reach for a Cabaiguan over a White Label Tat exactly 100 out of 100 times.


And don't forget about La Riqueza. While I haven't tried one, a lot of guys on here like them and it's another Pete Johnson line.


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I have a cab each of the petites and noellas. They are both very nice. I recently traded away a cab of reggios as not really my cup-o-tea


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So far I have really enjoyed the brown label Regios and the red label Havana VI Nobles.


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I have only smoked two Tatuaje cigars so far. One brown label Especiales and one brown label Cojonu 2003 (Gran Robusto size I think, pretty big anyway), see here for reference http://www.tinderbox.com/Tatuaje-Cojonu-2003-Cigars .

The Especiales was very, very good. To the point where I compared it to one of my faves the Cuban Cohiba Lanceros.

The Cojonu was absolutely sub-par. I'd give it probably less than 80 points where the Especiales was a 94 or 95 for me. Construction was good on the Cojonu but that was about it. My friend smoked a Jose Gener Excalibur (less than half the price) and it was clearly the better cigar. In fact for $6 the Excalibur is a steal and I might get a box.