When was the last time you were WOWED...


Maturing Primate
I remember the first cigar I ever smoked was an Oliva (cloth band) Oasis, I think, back in '97 and was wowed. That was my first and luckily it was a good one because I have been smoking ever since. But the last time a cigar REALLY made me say wow was the first time I lit up a Padron 1964 and that was in 99' when I graduated from High School. It just blew me away.

So when was the last time a cigar really made you say WOW?

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Evolving Lead Gorilla
Last night as a matter of fact.

I smoked a DPG Cuban Classic after not having one for a while and the time resting in the humidor made all the difference in the world. I could not believe how much better, and good, this cigar tasted.


Newbie in the jungle
My first time was last Saturday night...the first 1/3 of an Illusione CG4...sweet and fruity, and just wonderful.

What a shame that it dropped down to a dry woody (cedar?) flavor after that.

But that first 1/3....WOW!


Young Ape
AF Hemmingway Signature, the first review I ever did and it wasn't too long ago since I started less than 2 months ago. I've tried quite a few other brands and taste afterward, but I still remember the beauty of that cigar and I doubt I will ever forget it.


Evolving Lead Gorilla
Last time I was wowed? Last week when I smoked my first Hemingway Short Story, before that it was my first Boli PC, before that my second PSD4 (first one was dried out), and before that my first Taboo Twist!
The first, aged Trinidad Fundadores.

Most recent, Olivia Series V lancero.

With plenty of Hemmie maduros, RP Sungrown Selects, and Perdomo Reserve Cammies in between.

The only cigar over $8 (hemmingway maddy) to ever WOW me was the Fundadores. The most common are the RG SG's, for under $2 that's a damn good smoke for cheap.


Lowland Gorilla
It would have to be both a '01 Hoyo Du Roi and a Reinaldo (custom rolled) lancero that I had on the same day. Just out-frickin-standing; both of them.
Great draw, intense flavors which changed dramatically throughout, and plumes of smoke.:tu


Elder Jungle Leader
This past weekend, a well aged and cared for PSP2.(Thank yo Pinoyman:tu) Last month, a top 5 smoke, Edmundo Dantes Conde 109.
Every day I'm logged on to CS. The troop support rocks! All you crazies out there bombing each other is fun to watch too. The nice welcomes to all newbies, the banter ... hell, I just love this place! :)

As far as cigars go, I've had a handful that surprised me so far with how good they were and couldn't narrow the list any further than this: Bolivar CE, Graycliffe 1666, Sancho Panza DM Quixote.