When was the last time you were WOWED...


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Saturday night I was completely blown away at how good the little ERdM Lunch Club was I smoked :dr


The last time I was completely WOWED by a cigar was probably a few months ago when I smoked my first, and only, PSD4. I've gotta get a box of those some day, it was incredible. Other than that it was my first Opus and my first ever Padron (a 2000 maduro).

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The last time was last Friday night... and I actually did a review on it. It was a Graycliff 1666 torp. I did love the flavor profile, but what really gave the the WOW was that I wasn't expecting that much due to some negative things I read. After I looked back though it was my fault for not realizing most of the negatives were on construction issues.


My first WOW my first cigar, an 8 year Habanos Torres Connecticut wrapped double corona. My latest wow was a Montecristo No. 2 that was aged for 2 years.


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Had an Oliva Special S the other night and was really wowed by it. Thought it would be just another cigar, but the flavors were great, it was very smooth, and smoked well. It was my first, but not my last. I was impressed.


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2006 => Cohiba Siglo 4
2007 => Cuaba Salmones
2007=> Cohiba Siglo 1
2007=> Oliva G Double Robusto
2008 => Oliva V Perfecto


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A couple weeks ago I had a perdomo reserve maduro that I just loved. It was my third stick of the night, there was a definite chill in the air, I was sitting around a fire pit, drinking a glass of wine (which is actually unusual for me to pair with cigars - I'm usually a scotch or beer guy) and it was just exquisite. After that night, I visited the devil site and bought up a few 5 packs so that I can enjoy these a little longer even though they have been discontinued.


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A couple of months ago... Bolivar Simones Edicion Regional Exclusivo Canada.
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My first WOW was a long time ago, a Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Toro.

My last WOW was a Fuente Anejo 50 - WOW!


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Three months ago, had my first LGC Serie R #4. That was the one that reminded me how much I like cigars and started me on the slope.


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Tonight actually...smoked an '01 Monte #2 that was off the hook. Too bad it was a single, I'd sell my liver for the box.

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Tonight actually...smoked an '01 Monte #2 that was off the hook. Too bad it was a single, I'd sell my liver for the box.
Right now as well, I just got home and am smoking an Ashton ESG. I could have probably bought a liver on the black market with all the cash I've been spending on cigars. Might as well buy'em while they still take dollars for'em!


WOW..........A PPP with a Cuban Davidoff (don't know which one) at JR's in Whippany with a few guys.

All the cigars at a PPP at Justin's BBQ when Freddy and ....what the hell is his name......NavyDoc came up.
Can't name one, I kept aasking Dave (trishield)what they were. It was amazing.


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since im kinda new to cigars in general im finding a cigar that blows me a way half way often.

lately i really enjoyed the RP 1992 and the VSG


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I'd have to say it was my first Monte # 2 next to a campfire. Have had other Montes # 2 since then but lacking the same WOW factor of that original one.