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It's Paul's fault, I'm here. How's your pink car Dan?

Heading Out of state momentarily, BBL
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Thanks for the bump! Hope you'll grace us with your presence some day! PSHC kicks serious a$$, but you knew that already!
Hey, where do you shop locally? I'm gonna be in NWA this weekend for JBU's homecoming and I was wondering if there were any good shops for smokes/pipes
Hey thanks for the RG bump - it is truly sad how excited I get when I see it has been bumped - I do appreciate it Sir!
Cheers Al. Always happy to meet new folks. I hope to make the Shack Herf next August. Currently my schedule prevents me from a lot of travel for the next 2 years but you never know...Paul
hey man how's it going we made it back to the states, hey hit me up with the pics from mohammed. i'll try and catch ya later peace. hartle